Color Planner 4 - a New Standard in Visualisation

Choose the software which boost your sales - proved.

Color Planner already has over 2.700.000 Stand-alone installations and Millions of online users! Please check below what Color Planner 4 could offer for your paint business.

Did you know that Color Planner 4 convert sales more over 7 times better than regular "painter app" on paint manufacturer's webpage? Once you have installed it - you can't remove it.

  • Color Planner 4 Web - for your webpages. Yes, this generate more than 7 times more sales than another software - Proved.

  • Color Planner 4 Stand-alone - for Architects, Designers and Point-of-Sales. Already over 2,7 Million installations.

  • Color Planner 4 Pro - for your designing service. Some times you are keen to help your customer with full visualisation service.

  • Color Planner 4 iPad - share on AppStore as free app.

  • Color Planner 4 Android tablets - share on Google Play as free app.

  • Color Planner 4 MiniPc - Cheap MiniPC for point-of-sales

  • Your Logos in Print-outs and User-Interface

  • Your Color Cards and Products

  • Ready sample images or add your images

  • Easy User-Interface Customization

  • Image Masking Tools" and "Image Masking service" for user own images.

  • Color Planner Project Management system

  • See your results from Google analytics and AppAnnie

Color Planner Bundle Packge - Only one annual price. Ask an offer from our Sales Team.

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Screenshots (10 images): Color Planner 4

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - After paint

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - Android Tablet

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - Print&Product page

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - Image Masking Tools

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - results after image masking tools

Screenshot: Color Planner 4 - Print&Product page after image masking tools

Color Planner 4 Tablet

Color Planner 4 + Asus EEETOP PC

Color Planner 4 + Asus EEETOP PC Wall mounted